Tomb of Annihilation - 401 Games - Wednesday AL

Port Nyanzaru and Camp Righteous

Day 79-74

Port Nyanzaru (Day 79):

  • Encountered a rampaging dinosaur upon being teleported to the port.  
  • Hired by Wakanga O’tamu to recover a lost construct in the jungle south of the Port Nyanzaru. 
  • Collected a debt for K'lahu from Taban a Chultan gladiator. 
  • Met with Screaming Wind
  • Helped push back a force of undead that attacked a local temple.
  • Met Undril Silvertusk – a female half-orc priest of Torm that requested our assistance to get to Camp Righteous. 
  • Meet with Soggy Ren
  • Hired guides at the Thundering Lizard Tavern. 
  • Purchased travel gear and canoes. 

On Route to Camp Righteous (Day 78-74):

  • Travel by canoe along River Soshenstar
  • Passed by Camp Righteous 
  • Encountered a Tabaxi hunting party but did not engage
  • Camped before going to Camp Vengeance and allowed a lost group of travellers to share the fire
  • Arrived at Camp Vengeance to find charred bodies 


Joe_McPherson Joe_McPherson

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